Meeting Guidelines

  1. Confidentiality (what is said in the room stays in the room)
  2. Respect your peers’ opinions and conditions
  3. Respect the time limits – always try to get there for starting time
  4. Allow others to speak/don’t interrupt
  5. Do not offer advice or try to diagnose anyone’s conditions, and do not offer advice on medication – these are for the professionals. Only lived experiences will be discussed
  6. Try to refrain from using bad language, and stay away from politics and religions
  7. Do not focus on drink or drug conversations
  8. No mobile phones, computers, iPads, notebooks etc; or phones on silent or rumble if agreed before the meeting
  9. Time out – if anyone requires time out the should be made aware that it is ok and a quiet part of the room should be used for this to happen with a facilitator if possible
  10. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable in the meeting, please speak to a facilitator afterwards